JOTON Ha Noi supplying paints to the New VTV’s Center

JOTON Ha Noi supplying paints to the New VTV’s Center
Being a part of the construction project for the New VTV’s Program Production Center, the VTV Center is labeled as special project by the Vietnam Government. Due to this reason, the 2nd step of first part of the construction process must meet all the strictest and latest standards.
The project was designed as a special logistic center with the construction area of 2,576 m2 on the total area of 53000 m2. This consist of a technical support building, a 5 stories studio and the main building from the 6th floor to the 28th. The main building included 4 areas for specialized departments: the sector for interviewers of the Editing Dept., the special center for Transmitting and storage, offices for VTV’s leaders, Specialized Dept., and the main conference room for staff meetings, events, etc.
At the moment, the project is entering the process of finishing the interior and exterior coatings. JOTON is proud to be the supplier of:
+ SP FILLER® Mastic
+ PROSIN® Hi-grade Primer
+ JOVIAL® Washable – Interior paint
This is our prided products system with high quality, usually suggested for hi-grade construction projects. The advanced JOVIAL® is created to provide a high quality interior surface with superior gloss, hardness and can be washed frequently with no problem. This layer can also resist many harmful catalysts like bases, moist and moss.
JOTON highly recommend all construction projects to apply our suggested products system for the best quality available.

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