Genuine paint checking by JOTONPAINT App

Aimed at providing customer exactly information about products that they are using, L.Q Joton JSC released feature genuine product checking by JOTONPAINT App, to help customers to check product information and access information quickly  just within their reach.

Apply to Civil Paint Products and Putty produced by factory in HCM City from 10/5/2019

Feature genuine product checking by JOTONPAINT App lets you know exactly about:
  1. Product name
  2. Packing size
  3. Color
  4. Lot
  5. Production date
  6. Product detail information


Step 1: App Jotonpaint 
--> Genuine product checking
Step 2: Scan product barcode on packing Step 3: Result

In case camera can not scan barcode, please enter barcode manually by following instruction: 

Enter genuine product checking code (on packing) at code site
For example:
 (01)0 893512860001 1(10) LQ45678
Please enter 19 characters: 893512860001LQ45678
( Do not include red characters and “(“ and “)”)


Case 1: Your product is genuine
Please compare product information, packing, color, lot, production date,... match with information on product packing that you are having.
If information does not match, your product may not be Jotonpaint genuine product.

Case 2: Code does not exist in Jotonpaint app

In this case:
Please check product code and do as instruction.
If product code is right but still be failure. Please contact hotline 18009048 to get help.

Video introduces genuine product checking fearture on Jotonpaint app

* To be assured that you buy genuine putty and paint products of Jotonpaint and avoid to buy
counterfeits, you should buy at correct distributors/ agency of JOTONPAINT

* If you find out any signs of failed product, please stop applying and call hotline 18009048 to get handling instruction timely!

Let's download JOTONPAINT right now to experience exciting features!

Mã QR tải app Jotonpaint

Contact information
Any inquiry, please contact (by office hours):
Address: 188C Le Van Sy, 10 Ward, Phu Nhuan District, HCM City.
Trading address: 8A Yen The, 2 Ward, Tan Binh District, HCM City.
Hotline: 18009048 (Free) 

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